Alla Abstract Woman Print Shower Curtains or Matching Bath Mat


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Turn your bathroom into a work of art with these art gallery shower curtains and matching bath mats. Each design is bold and modern and will be the center  of attention of any bathroom. The matching bath mat completes the coordinated look. Those who enter your bathroom will not be able to take your eyes off these bold shower curtains and matching bath mat. The bath mats can also be used in any space where you want a bold and modern pop of style. Make a dramatic artistic statement and leave a lasting impression. 


    • Includes: 1 Bath Mat OR 1 Shower Curtain
      • Shower Curtain
        • Mildew proof
        • Waterproof
        • Durable metal button holes 
      • Bath Mat 
        • Wrinkle Resistant
        • Anti-bacterial
        • Anti-slip
    • Size:
      • Shower Curtain 
        • 71″H x 47″W (180cm x 120cm)
        • 71″H  x 59″W (180cm x 150cm)
        • 71″H x 65″W (180cm x 165cm)
        • 71″H x 71″W (180cm x 180cm)
        • 71″H x 79″W (180cm x 200cm) 
      • Bath Mat
        • 16″W x 24″L (40cm x 60cm)
        • 18″W x 28″L (45cm x 70cm)
        • 20″W x 31″L (50cm x 80cm)
        • 24″W x 35″L (60cm x 90cm) 
      • Since measurements are manual, there may be slight difference of 0.3″-0.8″
  • Material: 
    • Shower Curtain – 100% Polyester
    • Bath Mat – 100% Polyester 
  • Color:  Multi – Please see pictures 
    • Since monitor displays are different, colors may not be identical
  • Care:  Machine wash cold. Do not bleach or tumble dry

120x183cm / 47×72 inches, 120x200cm / 47×78 inches, 150×183 cm / 59×72 inches, 183×183 cm / 72×72 inches, 150×200 cm / 59×78 inches, 183×200 cm / 72×78 inches, 200×200 cm / 78×78 inches, 200×220 cm / 78×86 inches


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Alla Abstract Woman Print Shower Curtains or Matching Bath Mat
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