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Green curtains bring unparalleled glamour to the spaces you love. Our Green curtains add artistic flair to your home while blocking out light and sound. Art curtains designed in bright colors and clear patterns will enhance the artistic vibe of your home.

In addition to decorating at home, it can also be given as a gift to others. I believe that the person who receives this gift will be pleasantly surprised and happy.

Blackout Material: The soft blackout curtain panel material is very high quality, the curtains block 90% of sunlight and UV rays (dark colors are better), maximizing privacy and undisturbed sleep. Protect your indoor furniture from direct sunlight.
Room Darkening Noise Reduction: Our curtains block most sunlight to darken the room for sleeping. With excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction and privacy protection, it is perfect for night shifts, late nights and naps.
Premium Quality: Our window curtains are made of expertly chosen and thoroughly tested High precision black silk fabric.The curtain panels are silky, soft and very comfortable to the touch.
Care instructions: Our room blackout curtains are machine washable on a gentle cycle and cold water. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, no ironing required.


Sold as 1 panels, measures 50” wide X 72” long each. Total 50”x 72”
Sold as 2 panels, measures 50” wide X 72” long each. Total 100”x 72”

Rod Pocket: The pole bag type is that any pole can be covered with a pole bag panel. There is a pocket sewn to the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod passes.

Hidden Tag: Hidden Tag has fabric loop sewn on the back of the curtain. You can slide these tabs directly onto the curtain rod and you’re ready to hang them.

Pin hooks: The flat plate with needle hook is the S-point needle attached to the top of the back. You can hang the Pin type on the curtain track or hang the curtain clips and curtain loops on the pole rod as our post pictures. There are 10 pins on the top of each panel.

Grommet: Grommet curtains feature a perforated nickel metal ring at the top of the curtain. The curtains are threaded through the eyelets to the curtain rod, allowing the curtains to hang over the soft curtains. They’re easy to hang and add a sleek, modern look to any room.

-You can leave a size remark when ordering-
For example, if you order a pair of 52″W X 62″L,
First select 52X62″ / 135X153cm and choose the type from the list (pin hook, grommet and grommet).
Please note that the curtains are 60 inches long and include your contact information for safe shipping.

– Tips for Measuring Curtains –
To ensure the best possible fit, take the time to measure your windows carefully. We recommend using a metal tape measure for accuracy.

If you have different sizes, you can communicate with us, and we can customize the size for you.


28'W×45'L inches, 28'W×54'L inches, 28'W×63'L inches, 28'W×72'L inches, 28'W×84'L inches, 50'W×63'L inches, 50'W×72'L inches, 50'W×84'L inches, 50'W×95'L inches, 50'W×108'L inches, 50'W×120'L inches


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